The Members of Remedy:


Bob Richards - (Guitar and vocals)


Born to rock,

Neil Young fan since a babe,

Now a doctor, doctor, Mr. MD,

Rx your blues with the Remedy.







Jimmy Rushing


Since the late '70s, plagued by the muse to play electric guitar, Jimmy Rushing has traveled throughout the country and has played with great artists such as Duke Robillard, Eddie Shaw, and Doug James.


Jimmy's second annual trip to Seattle to play with blues harp player, Joe Giorello, resulted in Front Porch Guitars describing Rushing as "one of the greatest blues guitarists of our time."


Remedy's Americana music has offered Rushing a new challenge of achieving a melodic rhythm  sound.


Jimmy lives in Lynchburg, VA with his girlfriend and dog.

Russell Hovda


Born:  Nov 4, 1942

Duluth Minnesota


Home: Lynchburg VA.


Electric and upright bass player, vocalist and multi instrumentalist.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval School of Music, Anacostia Md., in performance, composition and music theory.


He has extensive experience in the musical genres of jazz, progressive rock, and classical over a span of five decades, represented by the following:


U. S. Navy concert and jazz bands

Numerous local rock bands, including " Kiks", "The Statesmen",  "The Lancers" , and "The Greater Experience"

Small jazz ensembles, performing locally, at the Greenbriar  WVa, and at the Hotel Roanoke


Big bands including Dee Roberts, John McClenon, and Rusty Nichols Orchestras

Musical theater productions with the Lynchburg Academy of Music, Renaissance Theater and End-Station Theatre,  the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, local high schools and colleges.  Recent musicals include "Legally Blonde" and "The Full Monty"

Classical gigs with the Lynchburg Symphony and the Lynchburg College Wind Symphony


Pat Haley

(Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals)

Patrick (Pat) began his music career at the early age 14 where he was one of the original Rogues Ltd. The band known for its rich harmonies and vast array of music ranging from Motown, R &B, Beach and Rock the band performed throughout the Virginia’s and Carolina’s colleges, beach clubs and concert circuit. This early musical influence of the Temptations, Four Tops, Tams, Beach Boys, Doors and Dylan to the musical British invasion of the Beatles and Rolling Stones established a wonderful foundation of the richness of his genre style today.


While in college Pat played to his regional heritage performing with Hoebucken a bluegrass band from East Carolina performing throughout the Carolina’s  and Virginia fiddles conventions. They often backed the Greenville Grass Cloggier during their dance performance in various settings.


In 2009 as a singer/songwriter Pat’s  song "Carolina Blue" received much musical acclaimed from the South Carolina Myrtle beach radio station market hitting to number one on the charts and placed in its’ Beach Music Hall of Fame category. The song was recorded by the 58 West and has been recorded by The Rogues and Ricky Fox and Co as well. Pat actively continues his songwriting where a couple of his originals are played by the Remedy band..."To The Beach" and “I’m Over You".


Pat brings to the groups strong vocals from lead to harmonies, solid rhythm guitar and keyboard along with the experience and passion of making music for any occasion.

Paul Ewing


Having two older sisters as well as an older brother, he grew up listening to the doo wop and beach music style at an early age. Harmony is high on his list.


He started out playing both the guitar and keyboard in his formative years with one of Lynchburg’s up and coming players in the 60’s.  He stopped playing music to marry and raise a family.  That guitar player, Tom Norwood, suggested many years later that because he had a sense of timing he should pursue the drums.  One of his sons was playing drums at the time, so a kit was available.  With Larry Scott's help, he was able to make the transition. One evening Steve “Stevo” Baker let him sit in on his Gretsch set and the rest was drum love!  He bought his Gretsch Catalinas and started playing with local musicians.


He has played local clubs for several years one of those was with the “Dave Owen & the Double A’s” playing to packed house crowds at the infamous “Jazz Street Grill”.  The crowd at King’s Point Pub at Smith Mtn. Lake was always standing room only for this same band. Taking a hiatus he connected with the present group of guys he enjoys hanging with.  With this group he is able to play a plethora of music styles.


Bob Richards

(Guitar and Vocals)


Born to rock,

Neil Young fan since a babe,

Now a doctor, doctor, Mr. MD,

Rx your blues with the Remedy.